The following are the games for the next event

  • Art Innovation: Build, or modify, something along aesthetically pleasing lines that does something deliberately by itself. Purposefulness not essential.
  • Fire fighter: The Objective is to build a computer controlled Robot that can move through a model structure, find a “burning oil derrick”(lit candle) and then extinguish it in the shortest time subject to a few operating factors (see Scoring section in the Rules). This is meant to stimulate the real-world operation of a Robot performing a fire extinguishing function in an oilfield or home.
  • Photovore: Within a 150mm(6″) cube, build a device that is self contained, solar powered, and goal seeking. Your only power source is a solarcell with a maximum area of 2442 mm2 (3.79 in2). The robot competitor will have to face off against other devices in a well-lit competition area, having to avoid obstacles and race to the middle. Once there have your robot dominate the light pool until the end of the 5 minute round.
  • Solarroller: Given a maximum solar cell size of 806.5 mm2 (1.25 square inches), make a self-starting 150mm (6″) robot dragster to race one meter (3.3 feet) in full sunlight (or 1,000 watts Halogen lighting). Competitors will race each other down parallel 150mm (6″) wide lanes. Fastest to finish, or furthest traveled in 3 minutes wins
  • Sumo – Mini: Within a 10cm square column, build a robot sumo wrestler weighing under 500 grams to compete against other Mini-Sumo Wrestlers in a 77cm ring.